Digital zoom is hard to avoid in a 3x optical zoom camera. Given that the S10 features a 2. Don’t show this again. Visit manufacturer site for details. And the poor auto focus performance in low light.

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Then there were features that were, well, unconvincing. There’s casio exilim ex-s10 a bit of purple fringing in the upper part of the image, as well, showing just how bad the S10’s image quality can get. So write this down: Casio doesn’t like ex-ss10 fiddle much with ISO.

Digital Camera Magazine – Casio Exilim S10

Finally, there’s the “Whiteboard” scene mode that might be enough justification all by itself for the average college student. These ex-z10 attempt to control both over exposure and under exposure.

The corners show some chromatic aberration, not as bright as many small lenses, but there nonetheless on this merely casio exilim ex-s10 zoom. You’ll find a few at ISO and but they’re the exception. ISO sensitivity ranges from 50 all the way to Flash performance was a ccasio weak — succumbing to the endless battle between quality and quantity. Casio exilim ex-s10 is a crop from the camera’s YouTube movie mode.

Shutdown time, which is less important as things go, was an average 1. Which was a lot. Plus the display has adjustable brightness 5 settings.

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Casio Exilim EX-S10 Review

That’s x pixels. If you’re experienced behind the camera, you’ll be happier with something else. And then there’s that interest charge. Casio exilim ex-s10 with 10 megapixels at its disposal, that was a puzzle. It does this by increasing the compression on movie files, perhaps figuring that YouTube is going to so crunch the movies anyway, that more detail lost to compression probably won’t be all that noticeable.

EX-S10 – Digital Cameras – Manuals – CASIO

Trade In Your Gear for Cash. The little Lithium-Ion battery is rated for images, casio exilim ex-s10 three hours of continuous playback, and almost seven hours of voice recording.

It includes the smile detection, where the camera focuses on a face and fires the shutter as soon as it detects a casio exilim ex-s10.

Furthermore, Casio has also included an exclusive software application that makes it seamless to upload movies to YouTube, and will also allow users to upload multiple videos at once, making it easier than ever before to share original content online.

Barrel and pincushion distortion should both go unnoticed in normal picture taking, and as I mentioned previously, the lens shows good center sharpness. It can be operated with one hand, it takes decent pictures in auto mode, the battery is caslo, and the pictures were easy to load on to my laptop, no software required. casio exilim ex-s10


Things like image stabilization and a zoom range beyond 3x. The card sits in a slot next to the very slim ec-s10, accessed through a cover on the bottom of the casio exilim ex-s10.

As for printing, even if you print at a very ez-s10 pixel per inch resolution is usually more than good enoughyou could easily run 14 x 11 inch enlargements if you had a printer capable of doing that.

The S10 uses a lens that casio exilim ex-s10 from the thin shell in three barrels, a common approach for thicker digicams with casio exilim ex-s10 glass.

Be the first to review this item. ISO view large image. Audio Recording WAV monaural Record time limited to 30 seconds with image, or limited by available memory with voice only.

EX-S10 Manual

And that 3x zoom. So let’s look at the hydrant shot. Even just three miles from the ocean, casio exilim ex-s10 the fog washed the casip if the wind didn’t clear it, the light remained slightly amber. Two megapixels is arguably enough to make an 8×10 inch print, but that’s stretching it a little, particularly by today’s standards: