And I am sure they are trying to make as much profit, and not a penny of loss, in that effort. Reader September 30, 8: That was probably a made-up price which they said back in June that they would sell limited quantities of the Eee to governments in developing countries, thus basically selling Eee at a loss in small quantities to governments. Several thousand units have been shipped to Brazil, Mexico and Nigeria, she said, and the target is , laptops by December. This is confirmed by marking the equipment with the Industry Canada certification number. You need training packs in different languages, software, teacher training courses.

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Not 10 year old kids or struggling teachers, but pros. Software and education are the poor relations of this project whereas they should have been at e11is2 intel classmate pc front driving the thing.

But classsmate then no other manufacturer will commit to any spec or price point. And the external VGA port allows the use of the Eee with a projector unit for meetings as well. Care to share the link where Asus says anything about Windows software? Discussions Oh, come on Michael.


I continue to be suspicious of such early-stage specs and feel that they are still in the nature of claiming “we’ll do what everybody else is doing”. If the market turns out to be immature, which is one inference to be drawn from the escalating price of the XO, then the loss e11is2 intel classmate pc too great.

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In the same way, the space-shuttle is a copy of the Wright brothers airplane. Schools, Governments even 3rd world Schools and Governments have budgets and accounting needs also small non-profit organizations could use such a small portable device for keep their books accounting. Or would their spokespeople only be trying to influence bloggers and other media into e11is2 intel classmate pc that Intel’s solution costs the same as the XO?

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This is a plus. Flip — Use this function to flip the photo file from left to right angle. As to the countries developing the software, remember one thing they have is an abundance of cheap and volunteer labor. This is precisely what I as a reasonably well off westerner want especially as I can’t afford a new e11is2 intel classmate pc. Lee Felsenstein September 28, 8: And let e11is2 intel e11si2 pc remain on the setup screen until the battery runs out.

Charbax September 30, 6: Mark Tarver, “Now if it were a e11is2 intel classmate pc project then the emphasis would have been on provided a turnkey software system for education” The problem is that this sort of one-size-fits-all approach to educational software is e11is2 intel classmate pc different countries have different educational needs. Intel powered classmate PC 3rd Gen.

Before installing this equipment, users should ensure that it is permissible to be connected to the facilities of the local telecommunications company.

Downloads for Intel® classmate PC

Je suis bien d’accord avec vous. Well, most all of them ran BASIC, which appealed to a small coterie of enthusiasts who either wanted to learn how to program anything or who had visions of how kids could use computers.

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So XP can run now from flash? Robert Arrowsmith September 29, 3: Of course, Linux would make a big difference in terms of programmability and the ability to port applications. If e11is2 intel classmate pc battery is removed the sound remains, and the computer still works.

It runs and maintains a variety of hardware functions.

And I am sure they are trying e11is2 intel classmate pc make as much profit, and not a penny of loss, in that effort. If you took the bacground of many of the people who contributed s11is2 Linux I’d bet you’d find many college grads and professional hackers amongst them. I’m being offered what I really want – a super portable for a bargain – not a premium price.

Motherboard Foxconn Q77M employs high-quality Japanese capacitors in its framework. It has everything I want on the road and nothing I don’t – and e11is2 intel classmate pc is cheap. Intel’s “Classmate,” manufactured in Taiwan, costs dollars and the price will drop to dollars at the end of the year, Intel spokeswoman Agnes Kwan told AFP.

I’d be e11is2 intel classmate pc if even their top Eee model can really run Vista, and if they’ve claimed this somewhere, it’s probably more fluff.