Page 75 Remove the Magnetic Module cover screw. Driver or stored in the Printer’s memory. The minimum size an area can be is. Page X and Y boxes. Only the Diagnostic Utility tabs for the selected Printer will be shown. Printed in the United States of America.

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Using the About button Step Description Click on the About button to open a dialog box containing the fafgo and version, date code information about this Printer Driver software.

Page An interface standard, established in by the Electronic Industries Association, regarding the connecting of electronicw peripherals. Using Fargo electronics inc dtc400 About Button Using the About button Step Description Click on the About button to open a dialog box containing the copyright and version, date code information about this Printer Driver software.


Update me with the latest news from Barcodes Inc. Adjusting The Orientation Option Select Portrait under Orientation to cause the fargo electronics inc dtc400 to print in a vertical orientation.

Page 71 – resolving the mag verify error Page 72 – resolving a mag verify error continued Page 73 Page 74 – resolving the no mag installed error Page 75 Page 76 – resolving a ribbon sensor error ribbon Select Printing Preferences under the Printer drop-down menu.

fargo electronics inc dtc400 Using The K Panel Resin Tab Resin black text is desirable due to its sharp, saturated black coloring and resin black bar codes are often required by Ultra Violet barcode readers to ensure readability when scanned. Page Print Job A file of one or more cards for the Printer to print, including image data and Printer functions, transmitted through the parallel interface and at times stored temporarily in the print buffer and spooler.

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Available Fargo printer supplies include different color fargo electronics inc dtc400 to meet all of your rlectronics needs. Select the Mechanics electronis to test Motors and Sensors in the Printer.

Printer is out of cards. Fargo electronics persona c25 card printer user guide s pages.

Fargo DTC400 ID Card Thermal Printer

Intermediate Transfer A thin electeonics material coated with a resin material into which the Media InTM dye is transferred from the Ribbon by the Printhead. The ribbon is used to print in one monochrome color: All Troubleshooting procedures assume that only fargo electronics inc dtc400 supplies are in use in the Printer.

Make sure that all supplied accessories are included with your unit. Print Process Errors Review the following information. Click on the Send Firmware button. Using The Shift Data Left Checkbox Use this option for situations that require cards to be readable with insert type readers that may be unable to read the right-hand side of the card. Page Driver or stored in the Printer’s memory.

The Card Feed Stepper fargo electronics inc dtc400 re-queue fargo electronics inc dtc400 for each verification pass required.

Fargo DTC ID Card Thermal Printer | eBay

When this option is selected, all black in the designated areas will print only with the resin black K panel. Step Procedure Do not run the cards with a contaminated, dull, or uneven surface through the Printer.

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The minimum size an area is. A list of the Printers that the Diagnostic Utility supports is also available. The Printer Driver will print areas of the image where it finds black coloring with electroonics print Ribbon’s resin black K panel as specified by each of the following options. Visually inspect the set of panels that were last used by the Printer. Page – Section Compressed air Air stored in a tank or produced by an aerosol can, delivered by through nozzle at a high speed.

This section has a procedure for each function by a Run button, as shown below. See Dct400 the Printer Calibration Utility for instructions on changing the fargo electronics inc dtc400 internal settings.

Using the Printer Supplies tab Use the options on this tab fargo electronics inc dtc400 view information about the Ribbon installed in the Printer. Page X and Y fargo electronics inc dtc400. The dimensions of the total print area for dgc400 card size appear in the Print Width and Print Elevtronics boxes.