It was working fine with a DSN connection. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Recent Comments Unified Communications and Collaboration: Once the connection definition has been saved and the connection to the database made. The requirement is simple, connect to a SAGE line system via ODBC DSN , then run a simple query on the data stock information — read only of course and then do something with that information in my case call a secure web service and update it with the stock information.

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Once the connection definition has been saved and the connection to the database made. Anyway, I have spent many hours adding event log debug code after event log debug code and added error messages only to find none of them were getting called….

I made sure that the Company code e. Please login or register to join the discussion.

How to set up a Linked Server in SQL Server Management Studio

Sage is not responsible for operation issues caused by incorrectly modifying your Windows security. Went back to using a console app to retrieve the data and copy to SQL and the connection was working fine again. Registration is FREE and allows you to view all content, ask questions, comment and much more. User DSNs work only for a specific user on a machine. I then tried to create a new table connection and received the following error:. We have no issues when our app is running on the same server as SAGE, issues arrise once we are on a different machine trying to do the same things….

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ABC was the correct case. Sage requires membership for participation – click to join. I am trying to do something similar now yet I am getting a variety of errors! SQL is here to stay.

I really need to get this working. I have come to the same conclusion. Alas, without any additional error handling around them.

They basically tell you they cannot offer support for SQL related questions. Hopefully this will solve your issue….

How to set up a Linked Server in SQL Server Management Studio

Sage Line clarifications There are some aspects of this article that will, I suspect, confuse the typical Sage Line user: I then provided the Logon information that I was using. I hear you there.

This solution requires advanced knowledge of your computer’s operating system. I managed to solve my schoolboy error.

Enclosing the 10 name in [] did not fix anything. Some implementations operate fas… twitter.

My DSN does work in Excel on the client but not through the. Andrew Smith Tapsley To those of us who relied on the ease of use of 010 without having to program a connection string was detrimental. Well we had no end of issues with the DSN connection, as in we couldnt get it to work at all.

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The full article is available to registered AccountingWEB.

Tutorial: Import data from Sage Line into Excel. By David Carter | AccountingWEB

You must have missed this line: I have managed to get a connection to a web app previously on Line 50 libe that was using a web service on the server that Sage was installed on. I’m running Version 7.

I believe this is because SAGE want developers to join a little club and pay for the rights to gain the knowledge.